Project Summary – 

Removal of Product Feed Gantry as part of a full itemised Demolition Project, requiring store buildings and specific Production Lines to stay operational.

Actions taken:

Confirmation of isolations in relation to previous use and subsequent carry through services.

Removal of vermin faeces and carcasses.

De-sheeting of structure to reduce weight and minimise the surface area affected by wind loadings. Independent weight calculations required to identify each releasing point.

Method Statement developed in conjunction with crane representatives, in order to ensure not only the safe lifting of each section, but also to ensure it could be safely set down.

Task supervision undertaken by in-house appointed person instructing crane operatives of 800 tonne and 400 tonne cranes,positioned in relation to lifts varying from 25 to 96 tonnes

Lifting exercise executed in 2 days, area cleared in 3 days.