Project scope:

Grande Paroisse Toulouse

An explosion in an Ammonium Nitrate Fertiliser facility led to its closure. Our Client purchased the 3 Ammonium Nitrate production components for precious metal recovery in the UK. These components consisted of 18 reactors, 5 boilers, 5 cooler condensers and 9 heater conversion units totaling 260 tonnes, for shipment back to the UK.

Actions Taken:

A full survey of equipment and the surroundings for structural integrity was required prior to any other action. Considerable blast damage had affected all areas. Methods of work were adapted and implemented with a continuous requirement for modification, due to the ever changing environment arising from tension being imposed in areas into which it would not normally be expected.


A successful project in a foreign country under extraordinary conditions. Projects such as this require a defined system of work with the right people available at all times working to clearly defined roles, fully assessing the risk potential and constantly ensuring that their instructions and advice are getting to the man undertaking the work.