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  • Demolition


    Generally associated to clearing an area or site of structures, plant and equipment to allow redevelopment to take place.

  • Dismantling


    Non-Destructive - To remove a structure, plant or piece of equipment in such a way that its integrity for reuse is not compromised. By Design - To remove a structure, plant or piece of equipment without the need to maintain its integrity for reuse.

  • Decontamination


    A precursor to the majority of dismantling and demolition projects is the requirement for decontamination and plant cleaning.

  • Remediation


    Remediation strategies can be developed to maximise the redevelopment opportunities of a site and minimise historical contamination liabilities. 

  • Asset Realisation

    Asset Realisation

    Our marketing department offers the opportunity to reduce the costs of projects by being able to source markets for redundant reusable plant and equipment.

  • Emergency Response

    Emergency Response

    B.D.B Dismantling’s rapid response capabilities in dealing with structures, plants and equipment that have become unstable due to fire, explosion, implosion or natural causes has enabled clients to minimize liabilities, reduce plant down time and protect against uncontrolled costs.

  • Demolition by Explosives

    Demolition by Explosives

    The use of high explosive in such a way that the structural integrity is compromised inducing a controlled collapse.

  • Soft Stripping

    Soft Stripping

    The removal (back to the hard fabric of a structure) of all secondary fittings including doors/doorframes, suspended ceilings, soft furnishings, etc to allow the refurbishment of a structure.

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