PROJECT DESCRIPTION –  Working within a fuel storage / refill depot, BDB Dismantling were awarded the contract to wash, clean and gas free 35 tanks & 3 interceptor tanks with the washings removed off site as a waste product. The skid loader and porta cabin structures were transported to an alternative Watson Fuels site for future reuse and 9 external lubricating oil tanks cut up.

The tanks had previously been used to store diesel, furnace heat, gas/oil, kerosene, lubricating oil and hydraulic oil, with Linton Fuels supplying the local area from its Wandsworth depot.

To help mitigate confined space entry and the various hazards that this work brings, we used a high pressure low volume jet that was set up externally and lowered into the tank via the manway at the top. The high-pressure jet cleaned the tanks without any need for confined space entry.

Washings were pumped out the tanks via the valve at the bottom and into awaiting tankers for removal off site. The nature of the jets meant that the volume of waste water was kept to a minimum. A probe was then inserted into the tank and gas free confirmed, the certificate being handed over to the Client within the health and safety file document.

A mobile crane was brought onto site and used to load the skid loader and porta cabin onto awaiting flatbed trailer(s). These were removed from site.

Nine external lubricating oil tanks were cleaned and dismantled with arisings removed off site.