Heat exchangers: operating in Ammonia oxidation plants

–      Perform an important role for heat recovery and steam production

–      Operating fairly close to engineering design temperature limits (eg. Creep)

–      Longevity & sustainable performance desired

–      Time consuming to maintain / repair / replace

–      Precious metals deposit on heat exchangers

–      Other process materials can also deposit (eg. Debris)

–      During operation thermal efficiency is progressively reduced with the following effects:

  • Increased component & equipment temperatures locally and downstream
  • Reduced steam production


BDB Services (URSG)

Industrial Cleaning – Non-Destructive / Non-Acidic 

–      Safe, Effective & Environmentally Friendly cleaning methods

–      The use of patent pending Non-Acidic cleaning technologies and high pressure washing solutions to remove robust surface deposits and maximise plant efficiencies.

–      Non-acidic cleaning mitigates risk of damage to operational plant and equipment and is a much safer option than alternatives.

Industrial Cleaning – Destructive / Acidic

–      Using a concentrated acidic solution to aggressively break surface deposits away from steel tubes / shells to maximise PGM recovery.

Industrial Cleaning – Recovery from other Vessels

–      PGM’s can also collect in downstream vessels including storage tanks

–      Safe working methodologies & risk assessments to assist plants

–      Experienced team & ability to efficiently recover, filter, neutralise and prepare PGM bearing materials ready for shipment.

Precious Metal Recovery

–      Collection, filtration & packaging of surface contamination resulting from the industrial clean.

–      Packaged material may be shipped to a facility for refining & recovery of platinum group metals (PGMs).

–      BDB (URSG) have refining facilities in the USA & Norway, offering clients a “one stop” option.